Something Unsaid…..

something you just have to move on and put that chapter of life in the past. Dont close the book,just turn the page..

For a life that never was!
I was running here and there
Making long and high jumps
Working like donkeys, dogs and ducks
Without caring for me or myself
For a life, that I wanted to live
I never knew that that life is always with me
I just forgot to live
We generally don’t value ourselves, we don’t value the people around us- our colleagues, friends and families.
We always keep ourselves entangled in the complex web of expectations and self esteems.
Trust me, when you are alone, standing on the rough road of life, all those moments- the good and bad memories will ask you to bring back all those people around you again. But it will be too late!
Don’t just wait for ‘that’ life. It’s always with you. Just be with it and start living and start caring.


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