Why is the Apple logo half-eaten..?

Apple Co. is loved by all. However, there is one question that occupies everyone’s mind, “Why is the Apple logo half-eaten?” Several rumours abound that include stories both real and mythical. The mythical story links the Apple logo to the story of Adam and Eve, from the Bible. Eve, tempted by Satan, bites the apple to gain forbidden knowledge from the “Tree of Knowledge.” The bite of the apple therefore represents the knowledge of good and evil gained by Eve. In the same manner, the Apple logo denotes the world of knowledge it brings through its products, and that is up to the user to use for good or bad. When market analysts look at the most valuable brands, Apple always figures on top of the list. Due credit must be given to its logo that has helped make the brand what it is today. Mythical reasons apart, a theory that has gained popularity over the years is that the logo at the back of your iPhone or Mac, is in fact a tribute to Alan Mathison Turing, the man who laid the foundation for the modern-day computer. A half-eaten apple was found by Turing’s bedside when he died. Quick forward to two decades and a bunch of folks making PCs in a garage. These people had a name for their product and were only in need of a logo. The men knew of coding and Turing and of the latter’s commitment to both PCs and coding. And thus emerged the Apple logo, a commentary on his life’s work and tragic death, a single bite removed from the apple graphic picked for their organisation. Apple’s use of the logo is extremely powerful, its name and corresponding pictorial icon is one and the same. The simple logo design deftly carries the weight of centuries of meaning. Steve Jobs rightly said that Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower. The Apple brand today, remains as trendy as ever before. It carries an aspirational value, with people queueing up to own the products, be it an iPhone, iPad or MacBook. The latest Apple product to join the bandwagon is the iPhone7. Millions of people have already set their hearts on it but cannot afford it.


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